Australia is a bit different

I consider myself fortunate to have friends as well as authors whom I publish living around the world in many nations. In Australia I have one friend whom I know from here, and several more I have met online. Two of these are the authors of The Enigmatic Sinclairs, Gerald Sinclair and Rondo B B Me, the first volume of which I published last October after which it was launched at the popular tourist attraction, Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, at the book store. (A second volume is due out this October.)

That book has been labeled as “The most important book on the history of the Sinclair Clan in 300 years.”¬†

An obstacle “Down Under” is the fact that our printer and distributor, Amazon, does not print books in Australia. They do distribute Kindles through their Australian site, though. Every now and then I Google myself or our books, and today I found it interesting that Ebay in Australia has four copies of my childhood memoir offering, Beyond the Thistle Patch, mostly geared at teens and pre-teens. Here is a link: 

I hope it works, nevertheless, they are indeed posted there. We do sell a lot of books outside the US. Though Australia is a bit different, it is really a cool place, and our books make it there “by hook or by crook!”


Hard at work

I’ve not done much on blog entries lately. That’s because it is a busy time. First, I’ve been busy taking and completing orders on the website, largely for copies of Gerald Sinclair’s factual historic tome, The Enigmatic Sinclairs, Volume One, but others as well; authors order this time of year for book signings and Christmas presents. Most books are drop shipped from the printer, but some are shipped out from here, and some are sold locally, particularly my own books. Which brings me to my other point. I have also been hard at work on a second volume of Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and FIgurative Expressions. My goal is to have 1000 new entries in this one. But it will not be ready for a year or so, and the first volume is a must before getting this one. My good friend in England, Niven Sinclair, has sent me hundreds of British sayings from time to time, and my radio friend, Kelly Marlow, who uses the book on-air at least twice a month, reading and encouraging others to call in (he did this of his own free will at no cost because he is so into the book) is also getting me Americanisms not in the first one. Then every day I manage to come up with several on my own. I love this quest so much that I lose track of time while working on it. I have been surprised at the number once again which major sources came up with incorrect earliest origins for. And the origin of one of them, ‘Bound and determined‘, seemed so ‘shrouded in mystery’ that it seemed no one else had ‘taken a stab’ at it. I spent a lot of time on it and believe I may have unlocked that mystery. I have 121 of the phrases completed, and if all goes well, this new book should be ready within the next year! In the meantime, if you haven’t done so yet, get your copy of the book being used by numerous authors, teachers, ministers and public speakers, (and plenty of average folks) which is in severals college libraries across the country and has sold around the globe. If you have yours, get a copy or three for gifts! Get it at St. Clair Publications site or any Amazon site in the US, Canada, Europe or India.

New Sinclair Book Meets with Great Success

As I have mentioned many times this month, Gerald Sinclair launched his and Rondo B B Me‘s new book, The Enigmatic Sinclairs, Volume One, at Rosslyn Chapel Visitor’s Center in Scotland on 6 October. Sales have been been fantastic. I am posting here one picture of Gerry at the signing (left) with Rosslyn Director, Ian Gardiner.


Christopher who?

Well today is Columbus Day in America when we celebrate the discover of the New World. But even the creators of Hi and Lois in the comics, Brian and Greg Walker, realize the flaw in this. Yesterday morning’s edition showed their youngest son asking his dad, “How come we don’t get Columbus Day off school anymore?” then later, “Columbus discovered America, right?” to which he replies, “Not exactly. There were the Native Americans living here before he landed. The Vikings were probably the first Europeans to set foot on this shore. Columbus actually thought he was in India.” Then the daughter says, “So why did he get a holiday named after him?” Enter the older son, “He probably had a good PR agent.”

Yep. Sounds right to be. *I have been talking a lot on this blog lately about the new book by Gerald Sinclair and Rondo B B Me of Australia titled ‘The Enigmatic Sinclairs Book One.‘ The great thing about this book is that it deals only in documented fact. There has been a long time belief in the Sinclair/ St. Clair Clan that 100 years before Columbus, but after the Vikings, a Scottish Jarl, who was in the Norwegian nobility, called Prince Henry Sinclair or St. Clair (the original family name), made at least one voyage to North America. Gerry and Rondo’s book mentions this as a distinct possibility but does not call it fact.

Several other books have expounded upon this presumed voyage, and they seem very convincing. There is a children’s book by British author and noted artist, Hazel Brown, published in 2013 by St. Clair Publications, titled ‘Prince Henry St. Clair, Earl of Orkney’. This book is superbly illustrated and in full color, and is distributed by both Ingram Books and Amazon worldwide. It is available from the St. Clair Publications website at, on all Amazon sites, and may be ordered through any book store. Both books, The Enigmatic Sinclairs and Prince Henry St. Clair, Earl of Orkney¬†would make excellent Christmas gifts. Personally I’m for renaming the holiday Discovery Day.


The Enigmatic Sinclairs Book Launch at Rosslyn Chapel Has Happened!

Today the long-awaited launch of The Enigmatic Sinclairs, Volume One, by Gerald Sinclair and Rondo B B Me has come. But even if you weren’t there, this great work will now finally be available on Amazon sites around the world! Order your copy today by copying and pasting the following link:


Thank You For the Shares and Clicks

I wish to thank all of you regular followers and many others which have shared my recent blog entry on Facebook regarding the upcoming launch of Gerald Sinclair and Rondo BB Me‘s new book, The Enigmatic Sinclairs, Volume One, which will be introduced at Rosslyn Chapel Book Shop on 6 October. It is being featured in the next edition of Roslin O’ Roslin, the Canadian Newsletter for Clan Sinclair there. Eleven years of research went into this book to make it ¬†historically accurate and it will be followed by Volume Two when available, the next one to begin with the building of Rosslyn Chapel itself. Those in attendance of this special event will be in for a real treat as Gerry speaks and introduces the book.The book will go on sale simultaneously on and Amazon sites around the globe. My hat is off to these fine authors! Amazon editors have recognized it as one of the best books of 2015.