Spring Is a Time for Inspiration

I feel so blessed. New England has just been hit with another late winter blast, though the calendar says it is spring. Outside my door, birds are singing and jumping about on my newly mowed lawn. The bright March sun smiles down and I feel inspired to do greater things than ever.

At St. Clair Publications a lot is going on. I have recently put the final polish on the last revisions of Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions. It is at maximum length, and I have added a number of new entries once again. Since it came out in March, 2013, the paperback version now has about 100 additional phrases. Each time I add new ones I have found improvements to make and myths to burst..

I also have my first travel book out, Exploring Our Exciting World, Book I, which covers the Greater Southeastern US. I have done considerable work on Book II, the completion of which I have decided to postpone until we return to New England and visit some important sites which will be featured. This trip is now scheduled for this September – October.

Another volume is largely done, the writing of which is being accomplished by three wonderful ladies. It covers a lot of ground in Europe. Another trip by one of the authors is scheduled for this May.

Right now I am working on another research volume: How 200 Celebrities Changed Their Names and Built Amazing Careers.  This book deals with authors, singers, movie stars, magicians, sports stars and others who have adapted  pseudonyms in order to improve their images and further their careers. The book deals with  why and how these names were selected and how they reached their heights of fame. Several of those selected are individuals with which I have some personal or family connection. It is a lot of pleasure bringing out books of interest to the masses.  It will be out later this year. I hope all are enjoyed and cherished by the readers. Visit us today at stclairpublications.com and on Amazon.


Bell Buckle – A step back in time

In spite of my normally rushed schedule, Rhonda and I, after getting our annual flu shot this morning, headed for the quaint hamlet of Bell Buckle, just a “skip, hop and jump” from our home in Middle Tennessee.

It’s something we do at least once a year. We spent about 3 hours and 15 minutes there, shopping the antique stores and enjoying a “comfort food” (as they call it) lunch at the Bell Buckle Cafe where a number of Country Music folk and other noteworthy people have dined through the years. I know I did an entry about Bell Buckle once before, but it’s just a favorite spot of mine. We only spent about $100.00 and had a great time. That even included a couple of gifts Rhonda bought for our little granddaughter and a cool antique framed copy of “Young Woman at a Half-Door,” the original of which is at Chicago’s Museum of Art. The painting is signed “Rembrandt” and dated 1645, but some attribute it to a follower. Still, it’s a great work of art, and I shall be proud to make room for it on my office wall.

Bell Buckle is but one of hundreds such spots which will be featured in the first volume of “Exploring Our Exciting World,” which is scheduled for release before Christmas.

So getaway soon to a place you can enjoy life and look for a great book at stclairpublications.com.

RC Cola and a Moon Pie

In the South, an RC Cola and a Moon Pie have traditionally gone together like a sausage and biscuit. Every year about this time, in Bell Buckle, Tennessee, a typical old Southern village in Bedford County, throws what they call the RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival. Today it’s happening with a parade at 11:00 and a lot of vendors with everything from crafts to art and music. And our governor, Bill Haslam is attending. There’s a Saturday live radio show in the family style Bell Buckle Cafe. But the temps are in the 90s and there is always a crowd in the thousands.

I love Bell Buckle, and we go at least once or twice every summer just to shop the quaint craft and antique shops and grab a tasty meal and possibly an ice cream.  I’ve also been known to go for a Moon Pie and an RC Cola on occasions.

My upcoming book will be the first in a long series of volumes scheduled to be released titled Exploring Our Exciting World. This one will be about the Southeast US, and Bell Buckle will be just one in a bushel basket full of fine locations to visit. These books will be unique in that they feature best attractions to visit in each area including festivals, sports events, National and State Parks, Historic Landmarks, and Amusement Parks plus Institutions of Higher Learning. But another unusual feature will be that a lot of it will be from personal experience, and each book will have contributions from others. The first book is scheduled for release in October, 2014. 

For other great books see stclairpublications.com.